English Minor

Minor Requirements, English Track

A Minor in English requires 18 credits chosen from the following classes:
ENG-0204 Survey of British Literature – Medieval to 1798 3 credits
ENG-0205 Survey of British Literature – 1798 to 1920 3 credits

ENG-0222 Major American Writers to 1890 3 credits
ENG-0223 Major American Writers 1890 to 1940 3 credits

Four English Elective Courses 12 credits

Students will meet with their mentors to select these courses based on their area of specialization.

Minor Requirements, Theater Track

Whatever students’ proposed majors or career goals, they can use theater electives to develop an effective personal presence. Theater functions not only as a scholarly discipline shaping and energizing other studies, but also as a creative outlet and a laboratory of imagination.

A Minor in Theater requires 24 credits chosen from the following classes:
ENG-0259Classical Drama3 credits
THE-0200Acting3 credits
THE-0211Rehearsal & Staging*1 or 3 credits
THE-0212Rehearsal & Production*1 or 3 credits
THE-0213Development of Theater and Drama I3 credits

Classical to 1790
THE-0214Development of Theater and Drama II3 credits

1790 to Avant-Garde
*Students must participate in 3 productions (fall or spring plays) earning at least nine credits total in THE-0211 and THE-0212. Note – these classes can be repeated and can be taken for either one or three credits.