Economics Minor

Minor Requirements, Economics Track

A minor in Economics requires 20 credits chosen from the following classes:
ECO-0100 Introduction to Macro-Economics 3 credits
ECO-L100 Macro-Economics Problems and Applications 1 credit
ECO-0101 Introduction to Micro-Economics 3 credits
ECO-L101 Micro-Economics Problems and Applications 1 credit
The following courses are required and taken at Villanova University.
ECO-2101 Intermediate Macro-Economics Theory 3 credits
ECO-2102 Intermediate Micro-Economic Theory 3 credits

Two Economics Electives* 6 credits
*ECO-0220, Statistics I, and ECO-0221, Statistics II, are recommended as electives for this minor. ECO-0220 and ECO-0221 are cross-listed with BUS-0220 and BUS-0221, respectively. Students can take the statistics courses in Business or they can substitute the statistics courses in Psychology, PSY-0210 and PSY-0280, for these courses.