Dual Degree Option

Dual Degree Program in Communication

To be admitted to the Dual Degree Program, students must have a minimum SAT score in Math and Critical Reading of 1150 and a high school GPA of 3.25. All students are reviewed for progress with regard to required courses and college GPA in their sophomore year. In addition, students wishing to pursue the M.F.A. degree must submit a writing sample for review.

In general, students will complete 109 credits in the Undergraduate College and 36 credits in the Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies. Undergraduate credits may vary depending on whether 3 credit or 4 credit General Education and Elective classes are chosen. Twelve credits from the M.A. or M.F.A. programs will count towards a student’s baccalaureate degree. The B.A. in Communication is awarded in the fall semester of a student’s fourth year at Rosemont. The M.B.A. program is completed in the summer of the student’s fourth year.

The B.A. and M.A or M.F.A. program requires 144 credits.

General Education and Elective Requirements 57 to 58 credits

Students must complete all General Education requirements in the Undergraduate College. Nine credits of the students Communication major requirements can apply towards GE requirements.

Required Undergraduate Communication and Supporting Courses 39 credits
COM-0160Public Speaking3 credits
COM-0170Publication Design3 credits
COM-0220Public Relations3 credits
COM-0263Writing for the Media3 credits
COM-0275Introduction to Mass Media3 credits
COM-0495Internship3 credits
Corporate Communication
Two Communication Courses - 6 credits, chosen from:
COM-0235Communication Research3 credits
COM-0230Advertising Copywriting3 credits
 Political Speech Writing
3 credits
COM-0330Media Law and Regulation3 credits
Production Communication (choose two courses)
COM-0175Introductory to Documentary Filmmaking
COM-0250Introduction to Journalism
COM-0255Magazine Writing
COM-0270Broadcast Production and Writing
Required Supporting Courses
Three courses in English Literature
9 credits

Undergraduate Electives

Electives can also be used to take other undergraduate Communication or English classes, but cannot be limited to only these areas. All undergraduate elective credits must be completed by fall of a student's fourth year at Rosemont.

Required Graduate Courses

Students begin taking graduate level courses in the fall semester of their junior year at Rosemont College. Students are limited to one graduate course a semester in their junior year. Students may take up to 12 graduate credits in subsequent semesters. All graduate level classes are chosen based on the individual track a student wishes to pursue with a graduate mentor.

The baccalaureate degree is complete fall semester of the student’s fourth year at Rosemont College.

Fall Semester, Junior Year
One graduate-level course
3 credits
Spring Semester, Junior Year
One graduate-level course
3 credits
Summer Session
Two graduate-level courses
6 credits
Fall Semester, Fourth Year
Two graduate-level courses
6 credits
Spring Semester, Fourth Year
Two graduate-level courses
6 credits
Summer Session
Two graduate-level courses
6 credits