Course Descriptions

COM-0160 Public Speaking

The course provides practical experience organizing and delivering oral presentations. Students are challenged to think critically and speak effectively about a variety of topics. Formal assignments consist of informative, persuasive and ceremonial speeches. Students participate in class as both presenter and evaluator. Offered in spring. 3 credits.

COM-0170 Publication Design

Students are taught general concepts of publication design and specific skills for designing and producing newsletters, literary magazines, and other publications. The course will provide students with a complete overview of print publication production from start to finish. They will be taught various software applications for page layout and graphic design functions utilized in the workplace. Offered every other year. 3 credits.

COM-0175 Introduction to Documentary Film Making

Students will develop, shoot, edit, and exhibit documentary-based films on a variety of subjects. The course will culminate with a class-generated film. In addition, each student will work on his or her own documentary films throughout the semester. Prerequisite: permission of instructor. 3 credits.

COM-0200 Acting

Studio work on freeing and using the voice, mind, and body for performance. Includes methods and practice in developing speeches, dialogue, and scenes, both scripted and improvised. Texts and scripts vary from classical to modern; the course includes a public workshop performance. May be repeated with permission of instructor as a more advanced acting course. Required for the theater minor; can fulfill a teacher certification requirement. Same as THE-0200. No prerequisite. Offered fall semester. 3 credits.

COM-0213 Radio and Sound Production

An introduction to the history, theories, and fundamentals of audio production and how they are applied, chiefly to the field of radio broadcasting. This is a hands-on course in which students will learn to operate audio production hardware and apply that knowledge to producing their own non-broadcast radio productions. No prerequisite. 3 credits.

COM-0215 Intercultural Communication

This course serves as an introduction to the field of intercultural communication. Students will develop an understanding of the intercultural communication process, learn to appreciate diverse ways of communicating in different cultures, and increase their understanding of cultural issues – both at home and abroad – that influence communication effectiveness. No prerequisite. 3 credits.

COM-0220 Public Relations

This course is an introduction to the growing field of public relations and seeks to help students gain a full understanding of its applications and principles. In this course, students will examine how the field developed, its status today and its future as a force in society, as well as examine how public relations plays a role in various types of organizations and industries. Prerequisite: WRT-0170 or permission of instructor. Offered every other fall. 3 credits.

COM-0225 Environmental Communication
This course will explore communication about environmental issues within the various forms of communication. Topics covered include environmental information about education campaigns, social marketing, environmental journalism, media coverage of environmental issues, public relations about environmental issues, green marketing, environment in popular culture, risk communication and public participation in environmental decision making. Prerequisite: COM-0275. Offered every other spring. 3 credits.

COM-0230 Advertising Copywriting
This course will approach the subject of advertising by introducing history and fundamental advertising techniques with the skill set required to interpret messages with intended meanings and critique creative techniques in ad messages. Additionally, this course will inspire students to be active participants and consumers of the advertising medium. Prerequisite: WRT-0110. Offered every other spring. 3 credits.

COM-0233 Technical Writing

Technical Writing teaches students the skills necessary to connect effective communication with professional and organizational goals within the workplace. Students will learn to communicate an organization's positions effectively and efficiently across multiple media platforms emphasizing the written word. The subject centered focus of the course will vary each semester from industry to industry at the instructor's discretion. This course is cross listed with WRT-0233. Prerequisite: WRT-0170. 3 credits.

COM-0235 Communication Research

This course provides students with essential knowledge of the research methodologies, principles, techniques, and applications required within the communications industry. Students will complete projects using fundamental research tools such as surveys, focus groups, and content analyses to gain valuable real-world experience and understand the value of sound data when making informed decisions. Prerequisite: WRT-0110. 3 credits.

COM-0240 Business Writing

Business Writing is designed for students from a range of majors to learn the necessary rhetorical and research skills needed for their professional careers. Assignments will include business letters, memos, reports, proposals, and collaborative projects. The subject-centered focus of the course will vary each semester at the instructor’s discretion. This course is offered spring semesters. This course cross lists with WRT-0240. Prerequisite: WRT-0110. 3 credits.

COM-0237 Information Gathering in the 21st Century

This course introduces Communication majors to the types of research and information gathering skills essential for journalists, public relations practitioners, and other professionals. It will include a review of sources available in the library, computer resources, and municipal, state, and federal government documents. In addition to becoming skilled seekers in the digital/paper chase, students will gain an overview of the “right to access” issues, including the Freedom of Information Act and the ethics of privacy. In short, students will learn strategies for gathering information and critically analyzing it. No prerequisite. 3 credits.

COM-0250 Introduction to Journalism

This course examines the nature and definition of news, and introduces students to the fundamentals of gathering and writing news stories and features, interviewing, covering a beat, and meeting deadlines. In addition, the course explores the ethical and legal boundaries of journalism and the responsibilities of journalists through readings and discussions about media, law, and ethics. During the course of the semester, students will submit their work to The Rambler, the College’s student newspaper. Prerequisite: WRT-0110 or permission of instructor. Offered every other year. 3 credits.

COM-0255 Magazine Writing

This course introduces students to the skills, techniques, and styles for reporting and writing feature-length, non-fiction articles for magazines. This course is cross listed with WRT-0255. Prerequisite WRT-0110. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

COM-0260 Radio Writing and Announcing

An introduction to the fundamentals of radio, especially writing for the medium and the skills necessary for announcing. Prerequisite: WRT-0110. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

COM-0263 Writing for the Media

This course will introduce students to the form, style and content found in written forms of mass media. Students will learn the basics of writing for print and broadcast journalism, public relations, advertising and new media. Prerequisite: COM-0275. Offered every other spring. 3 credits.

COM-0265 Global Communication

This course examines the development and the impact of mass communications throughout the world, comparing and contrasting systems and the impact on their languages, cultures, and societies. No prerequisite. Offered every other year. 3 credits.

COM-0270 Broadcast Production

A study of broadcast production in general and television production in particular. The student will learn what it takes to be a producer — writing, booking, and helping to create a show. No prerequisite. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

COM-0275 Introduction to Mass Media

This course is designed to acquaint students with the terminology and history of various media forms (newspaper, television, movies, social media, etc.) as well as examine the media's current landscape and its future placement in society. Students will also acquaint themselves with the various communications profession that interact with these media. No Prerequisite. Offered fall semester. 3 credits.

COM-0290 Political Speech Writing

A study of political campaigns and the writing necessary for such campaigns. Also focuses on the duties and responsibilities of the press secretary. Prerequisite: WRT-0110 or COM-0160. Offered as needed. 3 credits.

COM-0320 Linguistics of Communication

A study of various means of communication: e.g., body language, oral and written language, and sign language. Can fulfill a teacher certification requirement. This course is cross-listed with EDU-0320. No prerequisite. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

COM-0330 Media Law and Regulation

This course examines the evolution of laws and regulations that apply to the mass media. Students will be required to grasp the major concepts of law in several areas, including privacy, libel, commercial speech, and broadcast/cable/Internet regulation. Prerequisite: COM-0220, COM-0250, COM-0255 or permission of instructor. 3 credits

COM-0412 Special Topics in Communication

This course provides an opportunity for students to study current topics in Communication under the direction of a member of the faculty. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior Communication major status and permission of instructor. 1, 2 or 3 credits.

COM-0480 Senior Seminar

This course serves as the culminating experience for communication students to demonstrate their research, implementation, analytical, written, oral and creative skills in a comprehensive examination. The seminar also helps seniors transition into post-college life by assisting with resume enhancement, portfolio development and interviewing skills. Prerequisite: Senior Communication students only. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

COM-0495 Communication Internship

Student will intern at a media or communication outlet to apply theory to practice. Requires approval of communication faculty advisor, SASC and intern site.  Offered both semesters. 1-3 credits.

COM-0496 Independent Study
Arranged on an individual basis with credits and requirements determined in consultation with communication faculty advisor. 1-3 credits.