John Ullrich, Ph.D believes in hands-on learning and embraces the challenge of continually improving his teaching. He received an award from SEPCHE during the spring 2012 semester for Metacognition in the classroom. Dr. Ullrich is the chemistry department chair and serves as the Pre-Health Advisor for all pre-health students.  His research interests lie in environmental science with an emphasis on Chemistry in Marine Biology; Synthetic methodology development with an emphasis on heterocycles, in particular proprietary scaffolds possessing biological activity as well as incorporating the concept of “Green University” into his research laboratory and classroom. More



Xiuni Wu, Ph.D. joined Rosemont College in 2011. Her teaching responsibilities include general chemistry, inorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry. Dr. Wu is a strong proponent of experiential, hands-on learning and enjoys the challenge of continually improving her teaching. Her research interests are focused on solution synthesis of nanoalloys using microwave radiation, aiming at not only preparing a series of new multinary nanoalloys with potential applications as optical and magnetic materials, but also achieving a better control of the size and homogeneity of the nanoparticles by varying the kinetic factors.  More