Undergraduate College

Business Minors

Minor Requirements, Management Minor

Students may combine a liberal arts major with a business minor; any student wishing to do so must complete a Declaration of Minor Form. Minor courses must be taken at Rosemont College, unless advance written permission is received from the division chair.

A minor in management requires 21 to 22 credits chosen from the following classes:
ECO-0100 Macro-Economics* 3 credits
ECO-L100 Macro-Economics Problems & Applications* 1 credit
ACC-0100 Financial Accounting I 3 credits
ACC-0101 Financial Accounting II 3 credits
BUS-0240 Management Information Systems 3 credits

Three Business or Accounting electives 9 credits
*Students may substitute ECO-0101, Introduction to Micro-Economics, 3 credits, and ECO-L101, Introduction to Micro-Economics Problems and Applications, 1 credit.

The general management minor can also be designed to compliment a student’s major course of study. It must include a minimum of 18 credits and must be approved by the discipline chair.