• Be the Difference.

    Jeffy Matthew, '13Biology Student
    Posted May 17, 2013

    Rosemont has given me so much. Small class sizes so I wouldn't get lost in a crowd, personal attention from the admissions staff, great professors who have helped me do well on the MCAT and experience scientific research and opportunities for serving the community. My Rosemont experience is helping me make a difference and reach my dreams.

  • Be Brilliant.

    Saarah HussainPre-Med Student
    Posted February 28, 2013

    As a biology major and science lover, I knew that I wanted to attend a school that would allow my thirst for knowledge to thrive. The science faculty (especially Dr. Skokotas!) have opened my eyes to the world of biology, and have helped me see that by learning science, I can change the lives of my patients and maybe even change the world!

  • Be Determined.

    Cong Nguyen, '13Biology Major
    Posted February 28, 2013

    As a biology major, I have thrived here at Rosemont. The science faculty (especially Dr. Skokotas!) have been incredibly supportive. I transfered into Rosemont hoping I would get more attention and I have been so satisfied. Now I am moving on to get my M.B.A. and then off to medical school. I know my Rosemont education will help me fulfill my goals.

  • Be Inspired

    Dr. Jeannette DumasBiology Professor
    Posted May 16, 2013

    I love all things biology, especially teaching it. To me, teaching biology - or as I like to call it socializing over biology - is one of my life's most joyful experiences. What could be more inspiring than wondering how life works?

  • Be Motivated.

    Khayla SmithBiology Student
    Posted February 22, 2013

    I chose the Biology major at Rosemont because I want to be a nurse. My advisor (Professor Skokotas) has been great in teaching me as well as helping me plan my educational experience at Rosemont. I have helped with research and volunteer at Bryn Mawr Hospital.

Academic Opportunities

related to our biology degree

  • 1

    Three Tracks of Study

    Biology, Environmental Studies and Pre-Health tracks

  • 2

    Early Assurance Medical Programs

    Early assurance medical program with Drexel University Medical College and 3+4 program with Temple University School of Dentistry

  • 3

    Research Opportunities

    Students have the ability to perform research with a faculty mentor and present findings at scientific meetings.

  • 4

    Small Class Size

    Allows students to get hands-on laboratory experience and individual attention from faculty

  • 5

    Dedicated Academic Support

    Get tutoring, schedule review sessions, internships and MCAT prep classes.

Professional Opportunities

a biology degree will offer

  • 1

    Healthcare Positions

    Physician, dentist, physical therapist, physician assistant, nurse, veterinarian, etc.

  • 2

    Research and Development Positions

    In the pharmaceutical or a biotechnology fields

  • 3


    Share your knowledge as a full-time position or in addition to a full-time career.

  • 4

    Environmental Consultant

    Help protect the environment

  • 5

    Molecular Biologist

    Get involved with genetics or neuroscience

Experiential Learning

that relate to biology

  • 1

    Academy of Natural Sciences

  • 2

    Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

  • 3

    Monell Chemical Senses Center

  • 4

    Aviana Molecular Technologies

  • 5

    Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ