Aikaterini Skokotas, Ph.D  Her area of expertise is Cell and Molecular Genetics and she teaches the following courses: Life Science I lecture and laboratory, Genetics lecture and laboratory, Microbiology lecture and laboratory, Molecular Genetics lecture and laboratory, Immunology, Virology, Senior Seminar and Undergraduate Research. She also teaches a graduate level course, Medical Microbiology at Arcadia University for the Physician Assistant Program. Dr. Skokotas received the Lindback Award for Distinguished teaching in 2008 and was awarded tenure in 2011. More



Jeanette Dumas, Ph.D. Her area of expertise is Ecology, Environmental Science and Sustainability.  She teaches the following courses: Science for Life, Science Issues, Life Science Lecture and Laboratory, Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology, and Undergraduate Research. Her research focuses on the sustainability of aquatic ecosystems.  More