Dual Degree Programs

Drexel University College of Medicine

3+4 Program and Early Assurance (4+4 Program)
Students in either the 3+4 or the Early Assurance Program should follow Rosemont College’s B.A. in Biology and working with their academic mentor they should choose the appropriate supporting courses from available science courses that are relevant to a career in medicine.

Admission Requirements

Early Assurance Program (4 years at Rosemont + 4 years at Drexel College of Med)

To be eligible candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • SAT score at or above 1300 for the combined critical reading and math sections (the writing section will not be considered) with no single score below 600
  • ACT equivalent 29 composite
  • Rank in the top 10% of high school class
  • Full academic high school course load, including four years of English and Math, three semesters of Science (at least one each of Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and three years of Foreign Language study
  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.5 on a 4.0 scale
  • Personal interview at Rosemont College
  • Fulfillment of academic and supplemental criteria while at Rosemont College including;
    • Maintenance of 3.5 GPA (cumulative) and 3.25 science GPA
    • Minimum score of 31 on the MCAT
    • Completion of American College of Medicine Application

To apply for the Early Assurance Program, submit a complete Rosemont College application by December 1. A complete application includes:

  • Completed Application form (Rosemont College Application or Common App)
  • Two letters of recommendation, one must be from a science teacher
  • Completed personal essay
  • Official SAT/ACT scores
  • Official High School transcript and High School Profile
  • Resume

Fast Track Program (3 years at Rosemont College + 4 years at Drexel College of Med)

The Fast Track program allows qualified candidates to enter Drexel University College of Medicine after three years of undergraduate study at Rosemont. An undergraduate degree will be awarded after the successful completion of the first year of medical school. Candidates must have an SAT score at or above 1360 for the combined critical reading and math section (the writing score will not be considered) with no single score lower than a 560 in each section. ACT equivalent 31 composite. All other eligibility requirements are the same as those for the Early Assurance Program.

Once accepted to Rosemont College and notified that all minimum Drexel College of Medicine requirements are met, program candidates will receive the Drexel Supplemental Application and must submit the typed, completed Drexel Application to Rosemont no later than January 1. Applications will then be forwarded to the admissions office at Drexel College of Medicine. Drexel will make all decisions on interview invitations and program admission.

Students who do not qualify for the Early Assurance or Fast Track Programs can pursue a career in medicine by taking advantage of the pre-medical advising program offered by Rosemont.

Temple University School of Dentistry

3+4 Program
Applicants must complete at least one year of English, one year of Biology, one year of Organic Chemistry, one year of Inorganic Chemistry, and one year of Physics with the associated laboratories by the end of their junior year. The Rosemont student will declare a science major (either Biology or Chemistry). Students should plan to carry 18 credits a semester after their first semester at Rosemont.

Senior year requirements are satisfied on completion of the first year curriculum of dental school at Temple University School of Dentistry, at which time the baccalaureate degree is conferred upon qualified students.