Undergraduate College


ACC-0100 Financial Accounting I
An introduction to the theory and fundamental concepts of the financial reporting process in modern business organizations. The course focuses on the accrual method of accounting and an introduction to GAAP theory. Topics covered include analyzing and recording business transactions, periodic determination of income and financial position, and preparation and understanding of financial statements. Offered fall semester. 3 credits.

ACC-0101 Financial Accounting II
A continuation of Financial Accounting I with a more detailed study of the components of financial statements with greater emphasis on the presentation of financial information to external users in the framework of the corporate form of entity. Prerequisite: ACC-0100. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

ACC-0200 Managerial/Cost Accounting
A course that focuses on providing information to managers through the use of internal applications of accounting. Topics include job-order costing, process costing, cost-volume-profit relationships, variable costing, profit planning, standard costing, flexible budgets, and overhead analysis. Prerequisite: ACC-0101. Offered fall semester. 3 credits.

ACC-0210 Intermediate Accounting I
An in-depth analysis and study of generally accepted accounting principles and their application. Students are exposed to the components of and relationships among the balance sheet, income statement, and statement of cash flows. There is a strong emphasis on current professional pronouncements and topical issues. Prerequisite: ACC-0101. Offered fall semester. 3 credits.

ACC-0220 Intermediate Accounting II
A continuation of the in-depth study of accounting principles and practices (begun in ACC-0210) with emphasis on profit determination and valuation of capital, intangible assets, liabilities, and stockholders’ equity. Emphasis on the statement of cash flows, equity measurement, and financial statement analysis. Prerequisites: ACC-0210. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

ACC-0350 Auditing
A study of the Generally Accepted Auditing Standards employed in the audit of financial statements. Internal control procedures and applications are examined as a foundation for the evaluation of a company’s reporting process. Topics covered include the professional standards governing the profession, the auditor’s legal responsibilities, fraud and applicable case law, and government regulation. Auditing techniques including use of statistical sampling, technology and procedural testing, and components of audit risk and testing will also be discussed. Prerequisite: ACC-0220. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.

ACC-0410 Federal Income Taxes
An introduction to the income tax theory, law, and application. Study includes determination of gross income, taxable income, deductions, gains and losses, and tax liability. Emphasis is on individual tax planning and preparation of tax returns. Business and accounting majors, juniors, and seniors. Prerequisite: ACC-0101. Offered every other year, fall semester. 3 credits.

ACC-0450 Advanced Accounting I
A study of the theories and methodologies used in specialized areas of accounting. Topics to be covered include the role of the SEC, accounting theory updates, partnership accounting, accounting for leases, pension accounting, fund accounting concepts for both governmental units and not-for-profit institutions, and an introduction to consolidation theory. Required for accounting majors. Prerequisites: ACC-0210 and ACC-0220. Offered spring semester. 3 credits.