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Venue Reservation Form and Guidelines

Any Student Group or parties reserving a venue on campus will have to comply with certain rules and regulations. If the group reserving a venue on campus does not comply, they will be subject to the revocation of reservation privileges. Please read the following criteria carefully.

  1. They will have to obtain and sign a copy of this policy statement, which can be found on the College website. This signed copy must be presented to the Office of Student Activities at least 14 days before the start of any program. We will require a contact name and number upon reservation.
  2. They will be responsible for set up and clean up of the event. The venue must be returned to the way it was before the event began, NO EXCEPTIONS. This will be done immediately following the event. If requested, a diagram of the venue will be provided to assist groups in this endeavor.
    If the group should need any cleaning supplies, such as a broom or mop, they must notify the Office of Student Activities in advance so that arrangements can be made. If the venue is not cleaned to housekeeping standards, the group will be charged $35.
  3. The group/students will assume full responsibility for any items damaged or stolen during the event.
  4. The group/student reserving the venue will meet with the Director of Student Activities (DSA) prior to the event. They will provide details on the event including set up and clean up. The meeting shall take place no less than 7 days prior to the event.
  5. No food, drink or other items from the event may be left in the venue. All items must be disposed of properly or removed from the room. This includes fliers, posters and all decorations. No alcoholic beverages are permitted unless prior approval has been received from the Dean of Students and the DSA.
  6. If the Group/Student is expecting outside guests for the event or attendance of 30 or more people, they may have to conform to the Large Event Guidelines (the DSA will make this determination). Also, if the group/student is using the venue after 10 PM, they must get permission from the Office of Student Activities prior to the event.
  7. Public Safety must be notified to close and lock the venue


If the group/student does not comply with this regulation, they will lose their reservation privileges for three months. If a second violation occurs, they will indefinitely lose the privilege to reserve the Grind Cafe. ALL of these stipulations apply to all venues on campus that are open to reservation.

I have read and understand the Reservation Policy. I hereby promise to abide by all regulations stated.

Club Reservation Form

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