General Education

Can I take Dantes and/or Clep exams to fulfill General Education courses?

Yes, but there are some limitations.  Testing for courses must be approved prior to registering to take the test(s).  Please contact Liz McElroy at 610-527-0200, extension 3108, or via email,

Can I earn credit for my past or present professional and/or life experience(s)?

Yes.  We call this a Portfolio Learning Assessment (PLA).  Details can be obtained from your program director.

May I request for an independent study (IS).

An independent study is only offered as a last resort to fulfill a general studies requirement.  All other options must be exhausted before an IS request will be considered.  Options include

  1. Taking Dantes and/or Clep exams.
  2. Taking another approved course in that session.
  3. Registering for the course again in another session.

Students need to exhaust these options before requesting an independent study.

Note: Independent Studies cannot be used to maintain aid eligibility.

Contact Information

Karen Scales

Director, SGPS Student Services
610.527.0200 x2187