Degree Requirements

Major Requirements for a B.S. in Criminal Justice

General Education Requirements 45 credits

In addition to meeting the course requirements for each respective major, all students must also fulfill General Education requirements.

Required Courses 30 credits
CRJ-0150 The Criminal Justice System 3 credits
CRJ-0200 Substantive Criminal and Procedural Law 3 credits
CRJ-0210 Police and Corrections: Law Enforcement Today 3 credits
CRJ-0400 Criminology 3 credits
CRJ-0215 Diversity and the Law 3 credits
CRJ-0300 Sociology of Law and Violence 3 credits
CRJ-0310 Statistical Analysis and the Criminal Justice System 3 credits
CRJ-0320 Investigational Research Methods 3 credits
CRJ-0260 Criminal Investigations 3 credits
CRJ-0450 Professional Seminar: Criminal Justice Ethics and Practice 3 credits
Six Criminal Justice Electives 18 credits, chosen from:
CRJ-0330 Abnormal Psychology 3 credits
CRJ-0270 Cybercrime 3 credits
CRJ-0360 Crime Scene Investigation 3 credits
CRJ-0220 Delinquency and Juvenile Justice 3 credits
CRJ-0230 Drugs, Crime, and Society 3 credits
CRJ-0240 Gangs: From the Mafia to the Crips 3 credits
CRJ-0340 Forensic Anthropology 3 credits
CRJ-0250 Sexual Offenses, Offenders, and Victims 3 credits
CRJ-0350 Social Disintegration: Internal and External Factors 3 credits
CRJ-0280 Understanding Terrorism 3 credits
CRJ-0275 White Collar Crime 3 credits
CRJ-0290 Women and the Criminal Justice System 3 credits


The remaining credit hours are General Electives requirements.