B.S., Business Administration

When can I start?

You can begin at any time, in any session. There are classes beginning every five weeks, twelve months of the year.

How many transfer credits can be accepted?

The School of Professional Studies accepts up to 84 transfer credits from an accredited institution if the student receives a grade of “C” or better and the course is applicable to the student’s course of study.

How will I know what classes to take and when I should take them?

Once you are accepted into one of our accelerated degree programs, you will be assigned a personal advisor who will guide you through the process of planning and registering for your courses.

How many credits are needed to graduate?

120 credits

Do you offer prior learning credits?

Yes.  For more information, please contact the Program Director.  PLA Handbook

How many classes should I take at one time?

Each class is academically rigorous, requiring 15–20 hours of homework each week. Therefore, taking more than one class per five weeks is generally discouraged. On occasion, students find it necessary to double up, or their daytime workload becomes more flexible, but these are the exceptions to the rule.

Concentrating on one class at a time and progressing from one class to the next in sequence allows you to build on recently mastered principles in a manageable way.

What if something happens at work or home that stops me from going to school?

Our program is designed to take those factors into account.  When a student encounters a scheduling problem we allow the student to step-out of the program temporarily without penalty.  Once the problem is solved they can re-enter.

Do I really need an ID card? Where do I get my University ID card? 

All registered students must obtain an ID card. Your Rosemont ID is provided to all registered students at no charge and serves as the official identification of the University.

I still have questions – how can I get more information?

Contact the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies at 610.527.0200 x2958 or 1.888.2ROSEMONT and ask to speak directly with the Program Director or an Admissions Counselor, who will be happy to set up an individualized appointment at your convenience.

Please feel free to contact the Program Director (x3107) with your questions or concerns. We will do our very best to provide you with the assistance you need!

Degrees Offered

B.S. in Business Administration


Program Director

Brig Bowe
Director of Accelerated Undergraduate Business Programs
610.527.0200 x3107


All tuition charges for programs in the School of Professional Studies are assessed by the number of credit hours in which you enroll for a given semester – there are no separate fees.

2012-2013 per credit hour tuition
Undergraduate: $530