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Lynn Rothenhoefer

Director of Athletics

Head shot of Athletics Director Lynn Rothenhoeffer wearing eyeglasses with silver rim, small earrings, and a black, white, and gray shirt silhouetted on out of focus trees.

What does the Rosemont Mission mean to you?

Learning—always keep learning; educate your whole self; appreciate everyone - same and different; embrace different cultures and diversity.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?

A flip flop—light, airy, minimal space to make a bold statement, worn for fun and freedom.

Would you rather be trapped in an elevator with Bill Gates or Bono?

This is quite easy—Bono!  If it is any indication, Bono is my cat's name.  That may tell you how much I love U2—favorite band of all time. Stands the test of time, philanthropic, music that means something.


  • - Celebrating Founder's Day dressed like Cornelia Connelly

Campus Involvement: Sportsmanship, Athlete and Leadership Development, Academics, CSAC, NCAA, RSAAC, Impersonating Cornelia Connelly on Founders' Day

Name 5 things you love (other than your family) or love doing?

  1. Watching sports
  2. Theater
  3. My alma mater—West Chester University
  4. Massages
  5. Sunglasses

What goal are you currently trying to achieve?

All of our varsity sports competitive in the CSAC = vying for playoff spots.

Who or what inspires you?

People who practice what they preach.

Where is the furthest place you have traveled?

England/Barbados—equal distance?

Favorite college memory? (from which college?)

Being reminded by our RA during a finals period that it was 24 hr quiet hours while we were up on our beds with sunglasses on playing a mean air guitar to Foreigner and Journey. I had a field hockey stick, my roommates had a lacrosse stick and a tennis racket.  We of course apologized and giggled ourselves into a frenzy having made ourselves crazy with studying.

What advice would you give to your college self?

Take risks...people still expect you to make mistakes and this is the best time to learn important lessons.

How would you define “values?”

It is something you live everyday, and if you don't you are missing out.