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Rosemont Participates in SEPCHE Teagle Foundation Award Strengthening Multi-Disciplinary Approaches to Business Education

The Teagle Foundation has awarded the Southeastern Pennsylvania Consortium for Higher Education (SEPCHE) $300,000 over three years for its collaborative initiative “Integrating Liberal Arts in the Professions” expanding strengthening multi-disciplinary approaches to undergraduate business education.

SEPCHE Business programs at Rosemont College, Chestnut Hill College, Immaculata University and Neumann University will use the lens of social impact to strengthen multi-disciplinary approaches to real world problem solving.  Undertaking this effort as a cross-institutional initiative enables the opportunity for active collaboration among faculty from the professions and disciplines advancing current, relevant and highly debated issues involving social impact and social innovation, and engaging disciplinary perspectives on service and the common good that will inform the development of meaning and purpose.

This opportunity also enables us to look programmatically at high impact practices that have been shown to improve learning outcomes and to connect them intentionally and thematically across learning experiences through the years. In doing so, we hope to provide a model showing how small colleges in geographic proximity can leverage these practices to improve programmatic quality and outcomes at scale. 

Col. Timothy Ringgold, Assistant Professor of Business, provided leadership and expertise on a comprehensive revision of Business curricula at Rosemont in collaboration with Dean Paulette Hutchinson.  Many of the revised courses will be included in the project, and among a number of Rosemont faculty who participated in planning for the grant, Dean Hutchinson and Professor Ringgold will be joined by Professors Katherine Baker, Margaret Hobson-Baker, Andrew Lubin, Adam Lusk, Michelle Moravec, Alan Preti, and Tatiana Ripoll-Paez in revising courses to integrate liberal and professional education.

This prestigious award is one of a select number of grants made nationally by The Teagle Foundation supporting efforts that foster faculty-led curricular reform and collaborative learning through the integration of liberal arts and professions. This grant is the largest ever received by the SEPCHE consortium from The Teagle Foundation.