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Rosemont Announces New Strategic Plan for Enhancement of College Athletics

As a part of an extension of the overall strategic plan, Rosemont College Athletics Department is slated for major enhancements. With approval by the Board of Trustees, Director of Athletics, Lynn Rothenhoefer, recently announced a new, innovative, three-year strategic plan specifically for athletics which, when extended an additional two years, will include highlights such as the addition of five new athletic teams.

The third goal of the overall strategic plan is to “improve the student experience” and the Ravens will be making improvements in personnel, facilities, and more to align with the campus-wide vision.

This year, 2017-2018, Rosemont will start its recruiting for women’s golf, adding to the list of seven current female teams. Along with the addition, an indoor golf practice facility will be developed, which will be utilized by the women’s team, as well as the men’s team. The men’s golf team finished the 2017 season at second place in the Colonial States Athletic Conference Championships and made significant moves in national (57th) and regional (5th) rankings since last season’s seventh place finish in the Conference tournament. 

In 2019, the Ravens will begin recruiting for field hockey, which will take the number of women’s teams to nine. Along with the opening of the new Community Center (a renovation and large expansion of Cardinal Hall), which will include an all-college fitness center, the current fitness center will be transitioned and upgraded into a student-athletes only strength and conditioning space. The new Community Center will also include a space for use by our volleyball and tennis programs. 

After women’s golf and field hockey have begun competing in 2019 and 2020 respectively, track and field will be added for both men and women. With approval of the next two years in the plan from the Board, men’s volleyball will begin recruiting in 2021. 

The addition of five new teams is not the only upgrades to the department. Several coaches are expected to be elevated to full-time employment status by taking on additional athletic administrative responsibilities. The tennis courts will be evaluated for upgrades early on in the plan and a feasibility study and renovations (per the study) of Alumnae Hall will follow shortly after. Plans are also being made to increase the recruiting allotment for all head coaches as of the 2020 fiscal year. With each year in the plan, there will be continuous evaluation and restructuring based on the prior year’s accomplishments and results. 

When the plan is complete, Rosemont College will have a total sport sponsorship of 18 teams. 

“As part of its ongoing strategic planning efforts, Rosemont College is assessing its athletic programs and offerings and is committed to the development of a strong plan to enhance the experience of its student-athletes for every sport the College sponsors,” President Sharon Latchaw Hirsh, Ph.D. ’70 said. 

This new strategic plan for athletics is one that we are very excited to announce,” Rothenhoefer added. “The next five years will be years that are of regular change for our Department, but tremendous progress – we are looking forward to it.”