Sisters Share in the Rosemont Experience

Posted: February 13, 2013

In the Fall/Winter 2010 issue of Rosemont Magazine, we interviewed Alexis, Madeline, and Caroline Kropp for “The Ties that Bind: Why Rosemont is a Family Affair.” Recently, Alumni Relations Assistant Kevin Gary caught up with the sisters for an update on what they are doing now, and some additional thoughts of their Rosemont experiences.

Remember when you were making your college decision? Your parents, teachers, and guidance counselors all offered you sound, reasoned advice on which university might be right for you. And as important as their words were it’s hard to imagine an opinion carrying more weight to a potential college student than that of an older sibling who’s already experienced college. This is not to say that in the case of the Kropp sisters, Alexis, Maddie, and Carlie, the girls were simply following in each others footsteps. Carlie even mentions that her sisters may have oversold Rosemont to her, initially making her question whether to attend the college. But hearing how much each sister enjoyed Rosemont it would not surprise that a younger sibling would take that information into account.

Alexis Kropp-Kwon ’06 came to Rosemont to finish something she had started. She says, “I entered Rosemont at the age of twenty-two, after dropping out of college five years earlier, and I graduated two months prior to my twenty-fifth birthday. It was a challenging five semesters, but the challenge of not having a degree was much greater in the scheme of things.” She now looks on that accomplishment as the proudest moment of her life to date. While at Rosemont, Alexis discovered a community that would enrich her life. “Rosemont prepared me to be confident and proud,” she says, “It also introduced me to a group of professionals who taught me to always listen to my heart and to do the right thing. These individuals continue to inspire me six years later, especially the late Ann Amore.” Appointed President of the college in 2001, Amore died in office unexpectedly in 2005.

Alexis’ professional career has seen her gain experience in a variety of industries. “Over the past decade I have worked in a variety of sectors that have allowed me to develop many skills. Over that time, I have come to realize that I love marketing because it’s like solving a giant puzzle. You have all the pieces scattered on the floor and it’s my job to bring everything together to define the big picture. I love the strategy and creativity that comes with the putting the pieces in place.”

She has taken that love of marketing and decided to go into business for herself. “I recently started my own creative services firm that specializes in branding, social media, web design, public relations, and event management,” she says, “I already have three clients and by the time this story is published I should be up to six!”

Maddie Kropp ’09 credits Rosemont with helping her become more outgoing. She notes, “Rosemont helped me grow up and really branch out from home. I wouldn't say I was a homebody, but I just loved the area in which I grew up. So to move two hours away was a challenge, but Rosemont helped me get through that. I also learned a lot about myself and what I wanted from life.”

That confidence has no doubt assisted Maddie in her career in development. “I work at The Baldwin School in Development. I am the Development Associate and I am responsible for young alumnae gatherings, reunions, the annual gala, and phone-a-thons,” she reports. The work is challenging but it is something she finds greatly rewarding. She says she feels immense pride “seeing annual fund appeals go out and have them return with gifts and donations to the school. It happens daily but seeing the return and knowing people are invested in the school keeps me coming back to work every day.”

She credits Rosemont with playing a role in her success, saying, “I'm proud to say I am college graduate, I have a great job in a well known area, and I have been blessed with everything I have. Rosemont gave me the tools I needed to do what I love.”

Carlie Kropp will graduate from Rosemont this spring. Over the last four years she has been keeping herself incredibly busy. She is a double major in Clinical and Forensic Sociology. After graduation it is her intention to help others by pursuing a career in drug and alcohol counseling. When she is not in the classroom or the library she has found the time to attend a service trip with Campus Ministry and work in the Athletics department.

As mentioned earlier, despite her sisters’ passionate recommendation, Carlie wasn’t sure Rosemont was the right fit for her. But she is glad she finally made the decision she did, and makes sure to point out that she has gained much from her sisters, saying, “My sisters have taught me that no matter what job or career you have if it is not your dream than do not settle. Alexis and Maddie have taught me with hard work and passion anything is possible.”

Last Updated: February 13, 2013