Alumni Profile: Allen King '12

Posted: January 16, 2013

In today’s economic climate, news of a recent college graduate’s success is a sign of hope for current and former students and therefore a reason to celebrate. Allen King, who graduated from Rosemont in 2012 with both a B.A. in International Business and his M.B.A., is one such positive example. Presently, King serves as the Interactive Marketing Manager for Trueaction and eBay Company managing the accounts for Calvin Klein, Lucky Brand, and Donald J Pliner. It’s a position that finds King fulfilled and engaged with an industry about which he is passionate. “I love driving E-Commerce... It is my job to ensure an outstanding customer experience in all channels of online marketing for my clients,” King says. “When someone uses Google to search 'Calvin Klein' what shows in the results [is something] I have written. I have a direct impact in driving consumers to our clients’ online marketplace.”

The position comes with many responsibilities. Much was demanded of King right from the start. He remembers, “I was given a $650,000 budget to manage my first day on the job and there wasn’t a sit down session on how to handle it. It was, here is the budget put your education to work.” And that education was received at Rosemont, where King was able to expand upon interests he had held since childhood, receiving the tools that would inform his working life. King says, “I wanted to be a marketer. I will say my love for advertising and marketing began before my time at Rosemont however it grew and was nurtured there by the wonderful professors I encountered and was mentored by, namely Audrey Robinson, Chris Harding, and Joan Wilder.”

King’s training is constantly being called upon as he finds his professional responsibilities and accomplishments continue to grow. This increased pressure has also lead to an increased pride in his work. King notes, “I would have to say I am most proud of being able to manage multiple multi-million dollar campaigns successfully and driving more than 2.5 million in revenue over the last three months. It has been very stressful at times but extremely rewarding.” But it is not all work for King. He continues to perform acts of service, a virtue instilled in all graduates of Rosemont College. “I have been able to lend my time to a girls basketball league which has been great. I also am a part of PhIMA, the Philadelphia Interactive Marketing Association, in which I am able to share my expertise with others,” he says.

When asked for a specific memory of his time at Rosemont, King recalled a piece of advice he has returned to throughout his still young career: “One instance comes to mind that I will never forget for as long as I live, no matter where I am in life. [Assistant Dean of Students] Dianne Villar, told me, ‘Perception is reality and many times we are in the FISHBOWL.’ While still a student, I did not fully understand what that meant. In my rebel mind ‘reality’ was ‘reality.’ Who cares what anyone else thinks? I’ll do what I want. Well, that’s not how life works… Learning this lesson as a student prepared me to not have to learn this lesson in my career. You are not who you are in the now. You have the chance to be who you want to be… So we should aspire to be better all the time.” King himself is setting an example worth aspiring to: a thoughtful young professional who remembers to remain humble in the face of success.

Last Updated: January 16, 2013