The Providence Center Thanks Rosemont Alumni

Posted: January 7, 2013

The Alumni Office is proud to share a thank you letter received in December 2012 from David Childs, Executive Director of the Providence Center, to Rosemont alumni for all their hard work with the Thanksgiving Food Drive and other events throughout the year.

Dear Rosemont Alumni,

Thank you for the generous support you have provided Providence Center and the children we serve. The food and drinks you collected have been filling the bellies of the kids in our after school program, and we are grateful to have so much healthy, delicious food to offer. We work in one of the country’s poorest and hungriest congressional districts, and we know that good food and nutrition are essential for a child’s growth and development. Your actions make a real difference, and we are privileged to count you among our friends and supporters.

We reflect during this time of year on our many blessings. Providence Center has been privileged to witness so many of our neighbors take steps to better their lives and build stronger communities. Over this past year we served a record number of adult learners, children in our after school program have improved their reading and attitude towards education, and our Teen Leaders are working towards their bright futures while also serving as shining examples for the kids. Across the street, Fairhill Square is now filled with the sparkling laughter of children as opposed to the long shadows of drug dealers.

We can’t do any of this alone. We need partners who care about the mother learning English so she can communicate with her daughter’s teacher. Partners who recognize that every child deserves a safe, caring place to go after school. Partners who know that teens can overcome the challenges of their environment and instead challenge others to join them in success.

Rosemont has been an amazing partner for us, from the Halloween Party, to the students who drive down to volunteer, to the huge food drive, to the Epiphany Party. These are all the tangible ways we’ve benefitted from Rosemont alumni, staff, and students. I think, however, that your impact goes even deeper.

The statistics tell us that about half of the youth in our neighborhood will give up on their futures and drop out of high school. It is heartbreaking to look at the faces of our children and consider the trauma they live through, the violence in their neighborhood, drug deals on the street corners. These kids, more than anything, need people to watch out for them, places where they feel safe and loved. We do our best to create that atmosphere here at Providence Center, but we can’t do it without partners like Rosemont College and all of you alumni. The actions of your campus show our kids that people are watching out for them, caring for them, and believing in them. I can’t tell you what a difference that makes. It lifts the spirits of our whole staff, and it helps lift our kids up to a future full of potential.

Blessings to you all!

David Chiles Executive Director

Last Updated: January 7, 2013