Introducing Renny the Raven!

Posted: December 4, 2012

On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the Rosemont College community, the Phillie Phanatic and mascots from eight other area colleges and universities welcomed our new mascot, Renny the Raven.

The event began with all the mascots marching from McShain Auditorium to Alumnae Hall to meet Rosemont students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Predator D Owl from Bryn Mawr College, Capt. Calvin Cavlier from Cabrini College, the Chestnut Hill Griffin, Mighty Mac from Immaculata University, the La Salle University Explorer, the Neumann University Knight, the St. Joe’s University Hawk, and Will D. Cat, the Villanova University Wildcat all followed Philly's favorite green mascot up the hill and into the gym, where they were all introduced by Rosemont President Sharon Latchaw Hirsh.

President Hirsh then explained to a packed crowd of Rosemont students, faculty and staff and local media how the name "Renny" was chosen.

"We always had a name for our team [the Ramblers], but we never had a true athletic mascot” Hirsh said. “And since we went co-ed, it was important to get ourselves a mascot." The College held a contest to name the raven. It ran from the beginning of the semester through October 30 when more than 80 names were submitted from the entire community of learners for consideration. Once the top five were identified, they were put to a vote, and the name Renny was the clear choice. The name Renny is of Irish and Gallic origin, which means "small and mighty.."

"The name ties into our new college tag line -- THE POWER OF SMALL," she said.

After President Hirsh made her remarks, The Phanatic lined up all the mascots for a "boot camp," where he taught them all some of his famous moves. This is where the mayhem started. The mascots were more interested in dancing with students, being rambunctious, and generally wreaking havoc. It was a really fun event. It took a lot of convincing, but all the mascots finally got together for a picture with President Hirsh before posing for photos with students and staff afterward.

Go Renny ! Go Ravens!

Last Updated: December 4, 2012