Visiting Fellow To Lead Ethics Discussion

Posted: November 12, 2012

Kathleen O’Neil, president and CEO of Liberty Street Advisors, a leading national corporate governance and strategy firm, will lead a panel discussion at Rosemont College’s McShain Auditorium on November 15 at 7 PM, entitled “Ethical Blind Spots – When Leaders Fail Ethics.” The discussion is sponsored by the College’s Institute for Ethical Leadership and Social Responsibility. Ms. O’Neil, who formerly worked in global financial leadership positions at The Federal Reserve of New York for 20 years, will be on campus for the entire week as a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow. Other leading ethical experts who will be participants in the panel are:

  • Ann K. Buchholz, professor of leadership and ethics, research director for the Institute of Ethical Leadership, Rutgers University
  • Jason Dana, assistant professor of psychology, University of Pennsylvania
  • Jonathan H. Marks, associate professor of bioethics, humanities and law, Pennsylvania State University; director, bioethics and medical humanities program, University Park

The discussion will explore some of the most egregious ethical failures of the past, including Enron, Tyco, Lehman Brothers, and Countrywide Financial, and why they failed. As part of her role as visiting fellow, Ms. O’Neil will lead a discussion on November 13 after the showing of the film “Margin Call,” a thriller about the early stage of the 2008 financial collapse, starring Kevin Spacey. The film is one of the Institute’s year-long film series dealing with a variety of ethical issues. To register for the November 15 panel discussion visit

Last Updated: November 12, 2012