Rosemont Debuts New Tagline

Posted: September 24, 2012

The new Rosemont tagline debuted at the Strategic Planning kick-off earlier this month. Here is a quick recap of the meaning behind the tagline.

The POWER of Small is opportunity.
It’s trying new things without fear, combining all your interests, or doing more of what you love. It’s having access and freedom to create tailored study paths and learning experiences.

The POWER of Small is connection.
It’s professors, coaches, administrators, staff, alumni, and students having your back. It’s a community who’s invested in uniqueness, diversity, and success.

The POWER of Small is quality.
It’s the depth of teaching your professors provide and the advantage a class of eight to ten people gain from small group learning.

The POWER of Small is leadership.
It’s developing strong problem solving and critical thinking skills and meaningfully contributing to society.

The POWER of Small is guidance.
It’s mentoring – academic, career, and personal development. It’s having professionals as well as peers contributing to your growth and success.

The POWER of Small is success.
It’s the federal judge. The published author. The world-class surgeon. The decorated teacher. The city's mayor. The film producer. The non-profit leader. The research scientist.

We are a small college and there is great power, promise, and possibility in small.

Last Updated: September 24, 2012