Rosemont Abroad: El Camino de Santiago

Posted: June 6, 2012

El Camino de Santiago or the “Way of St. James” stretches more than 800 kilometers from the French Pyrenees to la Catedral de Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain, where the remains of the apostle Saint James are thought to be buried. This route has been traveled by Christian pilgrims for thousands of years, and today is also popular among visitors of all faiths. Last year, nearly 180,000 people completed the Camino.

In May 2012, Professor Tina Bizzarro and 10 Rosemont students traveled to France and Spain to experience the Camino firsthand. They visited medieval churches, Celtic menhirs (standing stones), and other historic monuments along the route. They also discussed and analyzed the fundamental ideas and themes related to the ritual of pilgrimage.

Last Updated: June 6, 2012