Remembering the Creation of the Rose Ring

Posted: January 15, 2014

By Doreen Mortola LeMoult '65
As told to Kevin Gary

Regarding the motivation behind the creation of the ring I remember thinking that a charm was just not enough. Most would not wear it on a chain and the only other alternative was to put it on a charm bracelet which, if it wasn't 14 karat gold or sterling silver, wouldn't match. Other schools had a ring and it was symbolic of the school one attended. In fact, I went to the School of the Holy Child in Rye, NY and still have my ring from there. But a high school ring is not worn for long whereas a college ring can be worn for life. Several of my friends still wear our rose ring.

Once the idea took hold, with most of the class of '65 enthusiastic about it, we moved forward by asking several companies to submit design ideas. I think the companies included Balfour, and Bailey, Banks & Biddle, among others possibly. The design with the greatest appeal was a rose and many of us agreed that it would make a lovely pinky ring that could also be worn on the ring finger if preferred.

The rose ring was popular with the students from the outcome and many, if not most, ordered one. One student who transferred to another college due to medical reasons came back to a reunion and arranged to purchase the ring more than 40 years later. I don't think the administration was enthusiastic about this innovation and preferred the charm. But the student body was enthusiastic then and continues to be.

The rose ring can still be ordered today through the Rosemont College Bookstore. The rose charm may be purchased from Fish Jewelers in Bryan Mawr, PA.

Last Updated: January 16, 2014