Alumni Profile: Nick Hulayew '13

Posted: January 15, 2014

By Nick Hulayew '13
As told to Kevin Gary

As the final days of my college career neared, I became very nervous about what I would do post-college. Would I be able to get a job? Would I make enough money? So many thoughts ran through my head. I applied for countless jobs. I had some interviews but they all ended with, “You have a great resume but we decided to pursue other candidates.”

I felt I improved after each interview and was confident I would get an offer, but I never did. What was I going to do? I decided to look at temp agencies in hopes of finding a decent job. All the jobs the agencies advertised were low level work that did not require a college education. I got an offer to do data entry at a technology company, but decided to keep looking. I began reaching out to friends to see if anyone was hiring. I got a lead and then a phone interview for a position in marketing. I truly believed I would land this job and planned to turn down the data entry temp position, but accepted it just in case. I figured once I got a call back for the position I truly wanted I would just quit the temp job. However, I got the familiar reply: “We decided to pursue other candidates.”

So in January I started at my new temp job at SICOM Systems, Inc. The reality of data entry, adding thousands of variables in an Excel spreadsheet daily, did not exactly thrill me. But regardless of what work you do I always believe to do it the best you can. I stayed positive and focused on my work, and my supervisor recommended me for a new task in a new department of the company. I moved into a technician role, troubleshooting software, hardware, and POS systems.

The first few weeks were a challenge. Every day I came home from work with a headache. I had doubts if I could even do this. I went to school for business, not computers! A few months in I started to excel at my new role. I developed strong relationships with my bosses. My superiors received a lot of positive feedback from clients regarding my work. I was hired full-time in June. I moved into the support center, where I began to learn different aspects of the software I would be troubleshooting. It was a job I decided I didn’t want to become stuck in. So I started going beyond expectations and was determined to move into a different role.

I worked hard and the opportunity came. I was offered a position in Madrid, Spain. In my new role, I work out of the Burger King Corporate office as an on-site resource and International Business Development Liaison. My company is beginning to install digital menu boards in Burger Kings throughout the European market. I have been blessed with this opportunity and have been able to travel because of it. I never thought I would be in a position like this. My advice to fellow recent college graduates is to stay positive, take all the experience you can get, be determined, and be confident in your abilities.

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Last Updated: January 15, 2014