Rosemont Named College of Distinction

Posted: August 26, 2013


The Princeton Review, an education services company widely known for its test prep programs and college and graduate school guides, named 226 institutions for its website feature, "2014 Best Colleges: Region by Region," "Best in the Northeast." These 226 northeast Colleges are located in eleven states: Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont, and the District of Columbia. The "2014 Best Colleges: Region by Region," list is posted on the Company's website at

"We're pleased to recommend these colleges to users of our site as the best schools to earn their undergrad degrees. We chose these as our 'regional best' colleges mainly for their excellent academic programs. From several hundred schools in each region, we winnowed our list based on institutional data we collected directly from the schools, our visits to schools over the years, and the opinions of our staff, plus college counselors and advisors whose recommendations we invite. We also take into account what students at the schools reported to us. Only schools that permit us to independently survey their students are eligible to be considered for our regional 'best' lists," says Robert Franek, Princeton Review's Senior VP / Publisher.

For this project, The Princeton Review asks students attending the schools to rate their own schools on several issues -- from the accessibility of their professors to quality of the campus food -- and answer questions about themselves, their fellow students, and their campus life. Comments from surveyed students are quoted in the school profiles on The Princeton Review site. The profiles also have a "Survey Says" list that reveals topics about which students surveyed at the school were in highest agreement.

The schools in The Princeton Review’s "2014 Best Colleges: Region by Region" website section are also rated in six categories by The Princeton Review. The ratings, which appear on the school profiles, are scores on a scale of 60 to 99. The Princeton Review tallied these scores based on institutional data it obtained from the colleges in 2012-13 and/or student survey data. The rating score categories include: Academics, Admissions Selectivity, Financial Aid, Fire Safety, Quality of Life, and Green. The Princeton Review explains the criteria for each rating score on its site at

About The Princeton Review

Founded in 1981, The Princeton Review ( is a privately held education services company headquartered in Framingham, MA. The Company has long been a leader in helping students achieve their education and career goals through its test preparation services, tutoring and admissions resources, online courses, and more than 150 print and digital books published by Random House, Inc. The Princeton Review delivers its programs via a network of more than 5,000 teachers and tutors in the U.S.A., Canada, and international franchises. The Company also partners with schools and guidance counselors worldwide to provide students with college readiness, test preparation and career planning services.


Rosemont College Named a 2013-2014 College of Distinction


Rosemont College was chosen as a 2013-2014 College of Distinction for its commitment to these four distinctions: Engaged Students, Great Teaching, Vibrant Community, and Successful Outcomes. The Colleges of Distinction is a guide with a unique approach. Instead of looking for the richest or the most famous schools, they ask about what really matters: Which colleges are the best places to learn, to grow, and to succeed?

Today’s high school juniors and seniors are faced with a college search that is pressure-filled and highly commercial in nature. There are many publications that exist just to offer rankings for colleges and identifying so-called “top” schools. Often these rankings do not take into account what really matters about a college: the success of its graduates, the quality of its teaching, the atmosphere of its campus, and so forth. The goal of Colleges of Distinction is to provide students, counselors, and parents with information about schools that excel in these key areas.

A College of Distinction is: nationally recognized by education professionals as an excellent school; strongly focused on teaching undergraduates; home to a wide variety of innovative learning experiences; an active campus with many opportunities for personal development; and highly valued by graduate schools and employers for its outstanding preparation.

Colleges of Distinction stand out for their commitment to these four distinctions:

  • Engaged Students - Students who learn to be engaged are learning the most basic skills they need to succeed in life;
  • Great Teaching - Studies show that students learn best in an atmosphere where there is lots of feedback and encouragement;
  • Vibrant Community - Most of these schools encourage students to live on or near campus so that they can take advantage of social opportunities, speakers, seminars, unique films and artistic events; and
  • Successful Outcomes - Employers and graduate schools love the alumni of the Colleges of Distinction because these schools produce not only students who can think, write, speak, and reason but also good citizens and responsible family members. They take away from their college years a sense of something bigger than themselves—something that makes them “successful” in every sense of the word.

Rosemont College is proud to have been chosen as part of this select group. To learn more about Colleges of Distinction, visit

About Colleges of Distinction

The goal of Colleges of Distinction is to provide students, counselors, and parents with information about schools that excel in key areas. We describe schools that take a holistic approach to admissions decisions, that consistently excel in providing undergraduate education, and that have a truly national reputation. We also give students, counselors, and parents an unbiased look at the college admissions process. We look at the myths surrounding college admissions, provide tools for self- assessment, and provide insights from college admissions professionals, high school counselors, students, and parents.


Rosemont Ranked #29 out of 89 for Return on Investment by AffordableCollegesOnline

AC-Online-High-ROI-Colleges-Badge.png (AC Online) – today’s #1 resource for college affordability and financial aid information – has identified the Pennsylvania colleges and universities with the greatest lifetime return on investment. Graduates from these schools enjoy the largest earnings gap between non-degree holders over thirty years, and earn more on average than graduates from other Pennsylvania schools.

“These are important lists for prospective students to consider,” says AC Online founder Dan Schuessler. “We’ve sifted through comprehensive data sources to find colleges and universities in Pennsylvania that offer a high quality education with consistent, long-term payoffs in the workplace.”

AC Online developed the following criteria for consideration as a “High ROI College”: Fully accredited institution, either public or private, four-year, degree-granting institution, and ROI according to PayScale’s 2013 College Value Report.

AC Online compiled a list of schools meeting these criteria by using the following highly respected, authoritative data sets:

NCES (, the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education. It provides consistent, reliable, complete, and accurate indicators of education status and trends.

IPEDS (, the primary federal source for data on colleges, universities, and technical and vocational postsecondary schools in the U.S.

Carnegie Classification (, a framework widely used in the study of higher education, both as a way to represent and control for institutional differences, and also in the design of research studies to ensure adequate representation of sampled institutions, students, or faculty. (, the premier salary data collection organization.

The rankings can be found at:

About AC Online

Affordable Colleges Online provides students with information about affordable higher education options. The website offers financial aid videos, expert advice, and cost savings ideas. AC Online is a trusted resource for college stats and rankings. Most recently the site launched a feature that provides students with a categorized directory of free online introductory, or "101", classes from several top named U.S. universities such as MIT, Michigan and U.C. Berkeley.


Rosemont College is a private, coeducational Catholic institution founded in 1921 by the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. Rosemont offers a comprehensive education through small group and experiential learning experiences while providing campus-wide academic, spiritual, and professional support. We respect and embrace diversity and individuality and promote student’s lifelong success.


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