2013-2018 Strategic Plan Approved

Posted: August 26, 2013

On June 8, the Rosemont College Board of Trustees approved a new Strategic Plan. The new plan, which outlines our priorities through the 2017-2018 year, is built upon the tremendous success the College has achieved over the last five years.

When we kicked-off the Strategic Planning Process last fall, I was thrilled to see more than 300 students, trustees, faculty, staff, and alumni taking part in the process of shaping Rosemont’s future. Our collective investment in our incredible College has helped us accomplish so much since the historic 2008 Strategic Plan that transformed the College through coeducation, online degrees, and partnerships. I am confident, as are the Trustees, that this next Plan will continue the College’s growth.

The goals of the plan are built on the specific strengths of Rosemont – our dedication to our mission, our people, our curriculum, and our beautiful campus. This Plan truly embraces the POWER of small.

The Goals of Strategic Plan

  1. Intensify our solid base for Mission by more deeply integrating the annual mission theme into academics, student life, athletics, and in every aspect of our college community.
  2. Enhance teaching and learning within classrooms and on-line. Expand the curriculum across all schools by means of a thorough review of current programs and strategic analysis of our market needs.
  3. Become a model institution for “Students First” to include centralized, highly effective Career Services and Pre-Professional Programs for our graduates in all three schools.
  4. Elevate the College to a highly-desirable environment for faculty and staff as well as a continuing source of enrichment and pride for them and alumni.
  5. Expand enrollment and continuously improve retention to enhance student experience, build our financial position and fund innovative programs.
  6. Create a comprehensive campus plan to invest in and improve our physical and operational infrastructure.

I am very grateful to the members of the Board, alumni, faculty and staff members, students, and friends of the College who contributed countless hours and much dedication to the Strategic Planning Process.

Because of their efforts I can assure you that Rosemont College will continue to deliver its unique brand of education, focused on the individual student, and that its community of trustees, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends will continue to celebrate the dignity and richness of each person.


Sharon L. Hirsh, Ph.D. ‘70

Last Updated: August 26, 2013