Rosemont Graduates Ink Book Deals

Posted: June 11, 2013

Every aspiring writer dreams of the day they sign their first contract with a major publishing company. For many that dream takes years to realize; for some it never happens. But in recent months, that dream has become reality for several graduates of Rosemont College’s publishing and creative writing programs within in a few months of their graduation.

Rosemont College’s Master of Fine Arts in publishing is rapidly gaining a national reputation, emphasizing the program artfully blends the creative arts with the “business” of publishing. The publishing industry is in a state of constant and rapid change and Rosemont College prepares their students for this new publishing environment with a M.F.A. program is at the forefront of the field.

“The students in the publishing program are shining – it’s wonderful to witness their successes. From impressive job offers in Manhattan, to fabulous internships, to book deals – this is exciting for me as the director, but for the current students as well. It’s just great to see them reaping the rewards for their hard work,” Anne Willkomm, director of graduate publishing.

Rosemont College’s publishing program offers students the opportunity to meet and work with accomplished writers, editors, and industry professionals, in a variety of settings that allow students to blossom and discover their own unique voices as writers. It also gives students the chance to gain knowledge in their desired publishing specialty, whether that be in marketing, editorial, design or writing.

“Rosemont provided me with wonderful mentors and I graduated with a working knowledge of the publishing industry, which was invaluable when I began the process of trying to get my own book, Adverse Effects, published," said Emily Lloyd-Jones.

Adverse Effects is the first in a two-book deal with Little, Brown Children's that Emily Lloyd-Jones ‘12 received. It’s an "X-Men meets Ocean's Eleven" story, in which a group of underground high-class thieves with super powers become embroiled in a deadly race against the government to find the formula for the vaccine that gave them their powers.

Eric McKinley, another Rosemont graduate said, “Rosemont College's MFA program led to my book deal in three important ways. First, it gave me a supportive environment to work on my craft. Next, it gave me a platform in a workshop setting to have my work, Blessed Sons, judged by my peers. Lastly, Rosemont enabled me to have the MFA credential which was important when I approached publishers.”

"I am thrilled PS Books will publish my collection of poetry, Second Oldest, in 2013. I wrote much of the book for my master's thesis project at Rosemont College. Without the help of my mentor, my other professors and peers at Rosemont, this collection would not exist today," said Blythe Davenport.

“My book, Locus Mentis, started as my thesis project in the M.F.A. in creative writing program at Rosemont College and was published by PS Books of Philadelphia. Publishing a book of poems gives me a feeling of success and achievement, and is a direct reflection on the program at Rosemont,” said MaryAnn Miller.

“The Rosemont College M.F.A. program greatly improved my writing. The various classes helped shape my writing style and helped me better understand how to write a complete novel. My future wife is completing the publishing program, and she helped me with the book contract and editing the book. So overall, Rosemont played a very influential part of this book getting published,” Benjamin Grossman (novel) The Land Without Footprints: Shadows Amongst Shadows

Carla Spataro, Rosemont College’s M.F.A. in creative writing program director, said, “I'm very excited and proud to see our alumni achieve their goals and publish their work. It's a testament to their hard work and determination. I know their successes are an inspiration to our current students, our alumni, and for me, personally.”

The mission of Rosemont College’s M.F.A. in creative writing is to empower students with real-life skills that enable them to achieve their professional and creative goals as writers, as well as, become productive contributors of larger writing communities as authors, teachers, publishers and readers.


Last Updated: June 11, 2013