Mass Email Policy In Effect

Posted: April 22, 2013

We all get a lot of email; whether from a professor, colleague, friend, parent or our favorite campus club. Our inbox seems to always have new emails waiting to be opened.

In order to help effectively manage the volume of email we all receive, Rosemont College has implemented a mass email policy effective April 12, 2013. The goal of this policy is to decrease the number of emails students, staff and faculty receive. Instead, all news and event announcements will be sent once a week on Mondays via the e-newsletter – The Raven’s Report.

We hope that by decreasing the number of emails that are sent members of the Rosemont community will come to look forward to receiving the weekly update via the e-newsletter (and take the time to read it). Rosemont is the last of the SEPCHE colleges and universities to implement this type of policy, but we've learned from those institutions that it really makes a positive difference in campus communications.

We do understand, however, that mass emails are sometimes needed due to a last minute event or a cancellation, room change, or public safety issue. With this in mind, 14 administrators on campus have the ability to send a mass email. So a student, staff or faculty member should contact his/her supervisor when a mass email is needed.

Faculty, staff and administration should also note that a unified email signature has been adopted. Please review the email policy to update your current email signature to adhere to the guidelines. If you need assistance doing so, contact Christina Meehan in College Relations at or at extension 2997.

For questions, please contact the Office of College Relations at extension 2228 or via email at The entire mass email policy can be viewed here.

Last Updated: April 22, 2013