Digging for Dirt on the Fields?

Posted: September 2, 2013

Did you know that more than just dirt was needed to bring the new Rosemont athletic field to life? We actually used satellites and lasers!

Man Power
The athletic field project employed approximately eight subcontractors and 45 employees.

Gravel Road
The temporary large gravel road aided in the dirt removal from the construction vehicle tires so it was not deposited onto Wendover Road.

Dug out
The dugout is a 12" thick retaining wall supporting a 14" multipurpose field. The ceiling is the structural deck used as a walkway to enter the upper field.

Gray Turf
The artificial turf came from Georgia and was delivered in 40 rolled 15.2 feet strips varying in length from 3 to 193 feet.

What Lies Beneath?
The turf drainage system is a 16" bed of stone, earth berms and two 6" perforated PVC pipes that allow water to drain into an infiltration bed that holds approximately 200,000 gallons.

GPS Satellites
Seven satellites communicated with the base station then "talked" to responders located on the excavation equipment. These signals helped the operator adjust the blade for proper grade elevations.

Last Updated: September 3, 2013