Get The Dish on Cardinal

Posted: September 2, 2013

Have you seen the newly renovated Cardinal Dining Hall yet? The place has come pretty far since its 1956 design and is now outfitted with a custom brick-oven pizza, custom stage railing, acoustical clouds, a dish depot and LED lighting.

Custom Stage Railing
A custom railing featuring the Rosemont Raven lines the perimeter of the stage. This raised platform holds additional tables and will serve as a focal point for college events.

This highly durable flooring is made from recycled materials and is stain resistant. This carpet was selected to match the existing table and chairs.

Acoustical Clouds
These "clouds" balance sound and reflect light. The blacked out ceiling creates an infinity ceiling and the illusion of higher space.

Dish Depot
A state-of-the-art, three-tiered carousel-type soiled tray accumulator keeps dishes from backing up during busy dining times.

Rosemont's past investment on its future is the recycling aspect of the project. The tables and chairs were purchased several years ago with this renovation in mind. The red plates are also getting a second life!

LED Lighting
Super-efficient LED uplighting offers a continuous loop of changing color. Various colors can be programmed to match a particular holiday or event.

Man Power
Twenty subcontractors and approximately 75 employees were on hand during the renovation project.

Last Updated: September 3, 2013