Field Construction Update

Posted: August 19, 2013

Field Update:

The initial layer of turf has been installed on the field; the scoreboard posts are ready to go up; and lots of landscaping is happening. The Ravens will make their debut on the field in a few short weeks.

  • The initial layer of turf is down
  • The Raven is on the field, although not yet installed in its final location midfield
  • The turf infill (sand and rubber that goes on the field to provide ball spring and turf support) is being delivered and will be mixed and applied as soon as the “rug” is installed
  • The foundation for the scoreboard of the multi-purpose field is being prepared, and the scoreboard posts are ready to go up
  • There is a tremendous amount of landscape work going on around the perimeter of the fields, especially on the end nearest Gracemere
  • The new parking lot configuration around the rear of Kaul Hall is taking shape, and the binder course of asphalt should be laid later this week, weather permitting
  • Awaiting the arrival and installation of field netting on the multi-purpose field which, along with the completion of the turf installation, is the final required piece to make the field ready for use
  • Final light array for the softball field is being assembled today

Upcoming for the Softball Field:

  • Topsoil spread
  • Completion of dugouts
  • Installation of fences and foul poles
  • Installation of outfield sod
  • Completion of the softball field is expected by September 6, barring any further weather delay

Last Updated: August 19, 2013