Rosemont College Announces Two New Master of Science Programs: Forensic Sociology/Criminology and Healthcare Administration

Posted: July 17, 2014

In today's demanding workplace, it's increasingly important to define one's unique professional value. Starting in the 2014-2015 academic year, Rosemont College will offer two new Master of Science programs: Forensic Sociology/Criminology and Healthcare Administration. These two additional degrees offered in Rosemont College’s School of Graduate Studies provide the opportunity for a broader community of learners to gain the skills needed to stand out from the competition.

Master of Science in Forensic Sociology/Criminology
The new Master of Science in Forensic Sociology/Criminology degree helps advance professionals already in the field, as well as aid in career preparation or transition. Students who attend full-time (and have the required pre-requisite courses and degrees) can complete the degree in 12 to 18 months. Summer course options are available to expedite degree completion of the 36 credit hours.

Forensic Sociology is the application of theory, research, and practices to the legal, law enforcement, and correctional institutions, and their impact throughout society. The field focuses on micro and macro aspects of social forensics and crime patterns, as well as interventions.

Currently there is no known Master of Science in the field of Forensic Sociology/Criminology program resembling Rosemont’s in the greater Philadelphia region.

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Master of Science in Healthcare Administration
The Master of Science in Healthcare Administration (MSHCA) is a 18 to 24-month online program that helps students acquire the knowledge needed to prepare for highly valued and well-compensated roles in a variety of healthcare-related settings. This new degree is designed to blend the study of theory, research, and practice into an instructional curriculum that is academically challenging, professionally relevant, and faithful to the core values of the Rosemont mission.

Healthcare is currently facing a major transformation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics' January 2012 report indicates that the healthcare industry will add 5.6 million jobs between now and 2020. More than 80 percent of those jobs will require post-secondary education thus creating the demand for effective healthcare leaders. The Master of Healthcare Administration from Rosemont College emphasizes leadership, strategic thinking, and ethics–providing an opportunity for graduates to advance both their career and organization’s mission.

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Last Updated: September 8, 2014