Construction Project Update

Posted: August 5, 2013

Whether rain or shine, both construction projects at Rosemont - Cardinal Hall and the athletic fields - are progressing. The drywall and painting in Cardinall Hall are complete, the pizza oven and the new serving lines have been installed as well as the kitchen hoods and fire suppression equipment.

The retaining wall has been started over at the athletic fields. On Wednesday of this week the gray turf will be delivered!

Recent Cardinal Events:

  • All drywalling completed
  • Painting mostly complete
  • Kitchen hoods and fire suppression equipment installed
  • New serving lines casework in both the main dining hall and the café installed
  • New acoustical ceiling “clouds” and attendant lighting installed
  • Pizza oven placed in its “nook” between the café and the serving line

Coming Up:

  • Flooring being installed
  • Air conditioning being completed
  • New roof being completed
  • Interior glass installations
  • Dish room installation
  • Cleanup
  • Furniture move-in

Last Updated: August 5, 2013