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Founder’s Week Puts Mission Into Action Through Various Events

Spring brings many changes to the Rosemont College campus – The trees start to bloom again, geese return to campus after a winter in the south, and the Adirondack chairs come out and are quickly filled with students enjoying the weather. Although one thing that does not change as the years go by is the planning and implementation of the College’s annual Founder’s Week, which took place this year from Tuesday, April 18 to Saturday, April 22.  

During Founder’s Week, the campus community comes together to celebrate both the historical and contemporary founders of Rosemont College. This year’s week of events, both internal and external, proved to be a unique one as it started on a Tuesday after the campus celebrated the Easter holiday. 


The activities commenced bright and early at 9:30 on Tuesday, April 18 (which is the anniversary of Cornelia Connelly’s death in 1879). Employees and staff who have joined the college within the past year met with Sr. Jeanne Marie Hatch, Vice President for Mission and Ministry for a Mission Orientation in Main Building. At this event, 10 members of various campus departments met and broke down the mission piece-by-piece and learned things one may not have otherwise known about the College and Cornelia Connelly (such as that she lived in Philadelphia, but the precise intersection was 9th & Filbert streets). 

Shortly after, was a walk across Montgomery Avenue to the Society of the Holy Child of Jesus Archives, located on Wendover Road. Eventually, Tuesday concluded with a pizza party for members of the Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies and the highly anticipated Petaltones Concert. 


The week continued with a guest speaker in the Rotwitt Theater. Naturalist Scott Weidensaul discussed his book, “Living on the Wind: The Miracle of Bird Migration,” as well as the topic of bird migration as a whole in association with various Earth Day activities also occurring throughout the week. Weidensaul’s talk was jointly sponsored by the Connelly Distinguished Visitors Program, the Catholic Climate Covenant Committee, and the RoseGrow Student Environmental Action Team. The talk was well received and attended by students, faculty, and staff of various departments and offices. 


The most robust day of Founder’s Week was Thursday as this day of the week is the actual “Founder’s Day.” Classes were cancelled from 11:50 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and there was plenty to do in the free time. Starting with lunch in Cardinal Hall, a lengthy line awaited hot foods such as pulled pork, macaroni and cheese, and fried chicken. Students and staff enjoyed apple crisp for dessert while listening to the annual Awards Luncheon. 


After lunch there were various field activities at the Ravens Athletic Complex. The weather was perfect for the annual Students vs Faculty, Administrators, and Staff Team (FAST), where the students came out victorious with a final score of 14-4. Students who didn’t play enjoyed ice cream and Cracker Jack while dancing to music, trying out the inflatables, and taking pictures at the photo booth. 



This day was all about the world we live in as Friday was also Earth Day. Starting with the sophomore class tree-planting ceremony, the campus community gathered after for a campus wide clean up. At the same time, the campus hosted the annual Symposium. This year’s topic, “Ethics and Emerging Medical Technologies: A Symposium” featured various respected speakers and panelists including keynote speaker, Dr. Jonathan D. Moreno. The work week concluded with Multicultural Night on Friday evening.  


Saturday served as a memorable day of Founder’s Week as the College hosted the annual Academic Honors Days for the Undergraduate College and Schools of Graduate and Professional Studies. After many students in both groups were inducted into honor societies and recognized for their academic achievements, the campus supported the Ravens in a lacrosse doubleheader at the Ravens Athletic Complex. 

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The week concluded with Mass on Sunday afternoon in the Immaculate Conception Chapel. The mass gave students the opportunity to reflect and discuss Rosemont’s foundress. 

Cornelia Connelly was centered on education from the start. As a teacher in various subjects, a lifelong learner as a sister, and eventually the Foundress of a Holy Order and set of schools around the globe, education was at the forefront of everything she did. As the only Cornelian College in the world, the Institution takes pride in its history and mission and will continue to create a culture of engagement by putting the mission into action: Every day, but especially during Founder’s Week.