Dear Rosemont Student,

It is a pleasure to welcome you to Rosemont College and congratulate you on your arrival to Campus! If you are a first-year student, congratulations on making a wise choice not only to attend Rosemont College, but also on making a tremendous investment in your own success. If you are a returning student, remember to celebrate your successful return and to reflect on the dedication and hard work it has taken to get to this point. As Dean of Students, my primary role is comprehensive but simple. It is to serve as an advocate and supporter of you as a student during your time at Rosemont College. Additionally, I am committed to working with the Student Life staff to assist in that important mission as well.

For wellness needs and emotional support, do not hesitate to reach out to our great staff in Counseling Services or the Wellness Center. If you are a resident student with concerns, be sure to let your Resident Assistant or Resident Coordinator know about it in the Office of Residence Life. If you are an aspiring or current student athlete, be sure to connect with our Athletics staff for information. If you want to know more about activities or leadership opportunities, find time to chat with our staff in the Student Activities & Orientation Office. These are just a few examples of ways in which Student Life can be beneficial to you!

Within the Student Handbook you will also find information that discusses policies, procedures, and expectations of you as a student. The Student Handbook also represents the obligations that we as a College have committed to you in order to maximize your success, so it is your responsibility and your right to read the information provided thoroughly.

On behalf of the Division for Student Life, I applaud your future accomplishments and want to let you know that our staff is committed to helping you achieve your personal and academic goals while attending Rosemont College. Please use the information within the Student Handbook to guide you to the resources and events that will be helpful to you and do not hesitate to contact my office located in Good Counsel Hall room 105 for assistance. I look forward to seeing you on campus and I wish you the best of luck as you start the new academic year.

David A. Surratt
Dean of Students