Gertrude Kistler Memorial Library

BUILT: 1926

ARCHITECTS: Magaziner, Eberhard & Harris

HISTORY: The library was built as a gift from Mr. & Mrs. Sedgwick Kistler in memory of their 12-year-old daughter who drowned in the Merced River in Yosemite National Park while on vacation in 1920. She had been a student in the Holy Child St. Leonard’s Academy.

The plan called for a one-story building with a small mezzanine and a full basement, to be used as the college chapel — a role it fulfilled until 1941.


1934 ADDITION - ARCHITECT/BUILDER: George I. Lovatt/John McShain

1954 ADDITION - ARCHITECT/BUILDER: Gleeson & Mulroney/ John McShain

2010 RENOVATION - ARCHITECT/BUILDER: Kimmel Borgrette Architecture + Site, Inc. / Nason Construction Company

By 1934, a growing college needed more library space. Again, the Kistlers stepped forward to finance a new wing, the portion which has the main entrance today. Mr. & Mrs. Kistler both died in 1952. They left the greater part of their estate to Rosemont College. This was put towards another enlargement of the library. This time two wings were added. The new addition was dedicated in the fall of 1954. In 2010, there were renovations on the first floor for an Information Commons, dedicated to Sister Helen Mary Weisbrod, SHCJ.