Student Services

Student Services is here to help you succeed and make the most of your Rosemont experience. We offer a full range of services and resources to support you from your first registration through graduation.

Any question that your Program Director or Faculty member can’t answer, we can.

If you are enrolled in a graduate degree or certificate program, here is your Handbook.

Use control + F to search the handbook by keywords, such as “payment plan,” “drop and add,” “Commencement,” or any question you have.

What is Epsilen, and how do I access it?

Epsilen is the online learning platform where you will access all your online courses. You will receive an email from Epsilen to activate your account and build your ePortfolio. Information regarding syllabi and resources for in-classroom courses are posted in Epsilen too.

How do I get into my Rosemont email?
The login for your Rosemont email will be sent to the email address you provided when you applied to Rosemont.

What is the iWay, and how do I access it?
The iWay is the student information portal, where you can: view course schedules, register for classes, check your grades, and find out where and when your classes meet.

How do I retrieve my email password?
Email password s  are confidential, and can only be retrieved by emailing the helpdesk at

How do I drop a class?
A course drop must be done within the first week of classes.You may drop a course by logging in the iWay and clicking on the Student Services tab, then "Registration". If you have difficulty, contact Student Services.

What is the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?
A drop completely removes the course from your transcript, and no bill is generated. A drop must be completed in the first week of classes. After the first week, the option is to withdraw from the class. A "W" will appear on your transcript, and there will be full financial responsibility. Withdrawal forms are found on the iWay on the Student Services tab, under "Handouts". Forms must be faxed to Student Services before the end of the session.

How do I register for my first class?
Your first registration will be processed manually by Student Services. Graduate students will be advised by their program director. All students will then email Student Services with their course selections.

Who is my advisor?
Your program director is your advisor.

What is Rosemont eConnections? 
This is an online orientation course that introduces the resources and skills you will need for optimum success at Rosemont. The course is delivered using a learning management software called Epsilen. The entire eConnections course must be completed within the first five weeks of your enrollment. Most students take just a week to complete the course if they work on it each day.

How do I access and begin my Rosemont eConnections course?
Student Services will contact you after you are accepted to register you for the course. After your registration processes the eConnections instructor will send you an invite to your Rosemont email account inviting you into the course, which you have to accept. You will need to accept the invite in order to begin the course. Start by reading the announcement and the syllabus. Then, complete each lesson one-by-one. The instructor will monitor your progress.


Main Campus

Karen Scales

Director of Student Services
610.527.0200 x2187


Brian Zusi

Coordinator of Student Advising and Retention
610.527.0200 x2267


Alana Luttermoser

Academic Services Administrator
610.527.0200 x3108


Branka Saula

Assistant Coordinator of Student Services
610.527.0200 x2390          

Rosemont Downtown

Nicole Contosta

610.527.0200 x3001

Office hours: Monday and Tuesday: 2:30 - 6:30 p.m.; Wednesday & Thursday: 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

100 South Broad Street, 16th floor
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