Degree Requirements

M.A. in Publishing requires 36 credits

  • Four required survey classes (12 credits)
  • Four courses within a specified concentration (12 credits)
  • Three elective courses (9 credits)
  • Capstone Project or Thesis (3 credits)

Required Courses for All Concentrations

  • GPP-7000: Introduction to Digital Publishing & Content Development
  • GPP-7200: Publishing Overview
  • GPP-7227: Publishing Law
  • GPP-7345: Design Studio I
Capstone/Thesis (GPP 7500)
  • All students are required to take GPP 7500
  • Students have one calendar year to complete their capstone/thesis
  • Capstones are project based whereas the thesis is an academic paper, which involves significant  research
  • Students must earn a B or higher
  • Recent sample capstone/thesis titles:
  • I’ve Got All My Sisters with Me: The YA Sisterhood Novel and Its Feminist Discontents
  • Ebooks: Connecting Publishers and Schools
  • Current Relationships between Bloggers and Publishing Houses: A Marketing Study
  • Publishing with a Purpose: An Analysis of the Christian Publishing Sector
  • Revealing the Truth and Legal Issues in Fabricated and False Memoirs
  • Social Media Marketing and the Book Industry
  • Banned Books: A Growing, Changing Culture and Its Societal Impact on the Publishing  Industry
  • Sole: A Publication Dedicated Solely to Shoes (student created magazine & marketing  plan)