Degree Options & Requirements

Option 1: M.A. in Education

This program of studies prepares students to earn a M.A. Degree in Education. The course of studies is typically available to teachers but is open to other individuals who desire to earn a graduate degree credential in education.

Option 2: M.A. in Education and PK-4 Teacher Certification

Rosemont College offers a M.A. with PK-4 certification or a post-baccalaureate PK-4 certification only. These courses of study prepare students to earn a Master's degree and/or the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Instructional I Certification (PK-4) in accordance with the state requirements.

Option 3: Act 48 Courses

Rosemont’s graduate education program offers its courses year-round due to the fact that educators must maintain their certificates in “active” status by earning six collegiate credits or six PDE-approved in-service credits or 180 continuing education hours or any combination of the above every five calendar years.  [Each college credit is equal to 30 continuing education hours.]  All coursework (credits and/or hours) must be directly related to the educator’s certification type, and/or area of assignment, unless enrolled in administrative program, and/or approved by the school board.

Program Director

Ronald E. Davies, D.Ed. 
Director of Graduate Education
610.527.0200 x2322

Degree Offered

M.A., Master of Arts in Education


Post-Baccalaureate PK-4 Certification