Degree Requirements

The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing requires 36 credit hours of graduate study, encompassing the following:

Creative Writing Workshops 12 credits

A strength of the program is the flexibility it offers the student in terms of writing concentration. Students may choose from workshops in Poetry, Flash Fiction, Short Fiction, the Novel, Creative Nonfiction, Writing for Young Adults, and DramaticWriting. Courses are also offered to support generative writing, such as Constructing the Novel, in which students complete a novel within a semester.

Literature Courses 9 credits

Students select from a wide range of literature courses, from classical readings to contemporary classics and bestsellers. Some courses, such as Critical Theory and Rhetoric & Composition, fit perfectly into a plan of study for writers whose goal is to teach. We also offer a variety of Special Topics in Literature courses to meet the current interests of students. These have included such courses as The 20th Century Crime Novel, The Literature of Pop Culture, Poet Laureates, and Form & Content in Fiction. The literature courses allow students to read as writers, to explore literary traditions, and to discover where they, as writers, fit into these traditions and movements.

Electives 12 credits

Students may choose the following as electives:

  • Additional literature courses
  • Interdisciplinary courses, which use other facets of the arts to speak to the process of writing, such as Visual Literacy: The Language of Image and Acting for Writers
  • Special Topics courses that focus on aspects of the writing life not covered in workshops, such as Surviving as a Writer and Editing the Literary Magazine
  • Publishing and design courses from Rosemont’s acclaimed MA in Publishing, such as Publishing Law, Mechanics of Editing, Design Studio, and YA Genre Study
  • Thesis 3 credits

Students work with a thesis advisor in developing a substantial manuscript of the student’s choice:  a poetry collection, a short fiction collection, a novel, a memoir, a creative nonfiction work, or some other approved project.