Republic Services of PA 

Waste Removal and Recycling

Single Stream Recycling is currently available at your facility.  Single Stream Recycling means you can put your Mixed Paper/Cardboard recycling and Commingle recycling (Glass/Plastic/Aluminum) together.  They are then separated at one of our recycling facilities.  These materials may be put in your recycle compactors/dumpsters.


Accounting LedgersComputer Printout Paper (Laser & Laser Free)

Bond PaperBooklets, Bulletins, Flyers & Newsletters

Calculator TapCarbonless Forms (NRC Paper)

Colored PaperCopier paper

Envelops“Fax” and Telex sheets

Index CardsLedger Paper

Manila File Folders (all colors)Manuals with glued bindings

Pamphlets“Post It” Notes

Scratch & Message pad paperTabbed Dividers

Writing Tablet PaperNewspapers

Magazines and catalogs (small amounts)


Air Freight EnvelopesBathroom waste paper (towels/toilet paper/tissues)

BatteriesBlue Prints

Carbon PaperCellophane

ClotheCups, Plates and Trays


Foil Products

Gummed labels & label backing sheetsHardcover books & binders (RECYCLE the paper)

Lunch Bags, Plastic bagsPaper towels/tissues

Metal (except small amounts of staples)

Photographic paper

Printer RibbonsRecording Tape

Rubber productsSpiral Binders

Strapping (metal, Nylon, Plastic)Styrofoam Cups & packagingSynthetic Paper (Tyvek)


   (All items must be rinsed out, no food waste or liquid left in containers, remove lids)

GLASS :  Bottles and Jars only (green, brown, clear)

NO- blue glass, light bulbs, plate glass, window, mirror, drinking glasses

PLASTIC : (#1 -#7)Find the number on the bottom in the triangle

Bottles and Jars only--milk jugs, soda bottles, detergent bottles, food jars, some juice bottles, salad dressing, etc…must be washed out…

CANS: Aluminum and Bi-Metal---Beverage cans, veggie/soup cans, any Food can with tops off

NO- Aerosol cans, aluminum pie plates, aluminum foil

Refrigerators/Freezers/Air Conditioners:   According to the Clean Air Act, No person shall dispose of Freon containing appliance, such as refrigerators, freezers or air conditioners without first having the Freon properly removed.  The item(s) will not be collected unless they have a sticker attached to them from a license tech as proof that the Freon was removed.  For information on Freon removal, call your county office.

Computers:    Are loaded with toxic substances like lead, cadmium, mercury & chromium.  Please contact County offices for HHW (Household Hazardous Waste) drop off dates and locations.

Bucks County Planning Commission 215-345-3400

1260 Almshouse Rd, Doylestown, PA  18901

Chester County Solid Waste Authority 610-344-5937

601 Westtown Rd, West Chester, PA  19380

Delaware County Solid Waste Authority 610-892-9621

1521 N Providence Rd, Media, PA  19063

 Montgomery County Solid Waste Authority 610-278-3045

1430 DeKalb St, 5th Fl, Norristown, PA  19404

Philadelphia County 215-686-5560





Paper: OfficePaper/Newspaper/Cardboard/Magazines

Glass: Bottles and Jars only (green, brown, clear) Please wash out bottles and jars.
Plastic: (#1- #7)Find the number on the bottom in the triangle
Bottles and Jars only--milk jugs, soda bottles, detergent bottles, food jars, juice bottles, salad dressing, etc…Please wash out containers.

Cans: Aluminum and Bi-Metal

NO- Aerosol cans, aluminum pie plates, aluminum foil. Please Wash Out cans.

Recycle Mania Competition 2011 - 630 Colleges and Universities Nationwide Competed to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  The spirit of friendly competition sparked huge environmental gains. The total amount of recyclables and organic materials recovered during the 2011 competition added up to 91 million pounds, which in turn prevented the release of nearly 270 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E).

In real-world terms, this reduction in greenhouse gases is equivalent to the annual emissions from 52.8 million passenger cars; electricity use of 32.7 million homes; or the burning of 1.5 million railcars’ worth of coal.  New for 2011 Rosemont expanded our recycling efforts by partnering with The Funding Factory for recycling of printer cartridges.

Recycle Mania Competition 2011 Rosemont College Results Nationally
29th in Waste Minimization Category: cumulative waste lbs/person 21.11.
191rd in Grand Champion Category: cumulative recycle rate 23.24 %. 
292nd in Per Capita Category: cumulative lbs/person 4.91.
2nd in Waste Minimization Category: out of 15 participants
16th in Grand Champion Category: out of 23 participants
23th in Per Capita Category: out of 28 participants