Facilities Work Order Guide

Facilities Work Order Guide

Generally, requests for maintenance and repairs take precedence over requests for alterations or improvements. All work requests received by the Facilities Department are assigned a priority based on the following criteria:

Priority One: Emergency
All work relating to:
a. Personal safety
b. Security
c. Loss or damage to facilities, buildings, or property.

Priority Two: Urgent
All work relating to:
a. Restoring essential services necessary for normal classroom, administrative, athletic, and dining operations.
b. Setting up for specific events which must be completed by a specific time.

Priority Three: Routine
All other work on a first in, first out basis.

Urgent requests (i.e., issues involving personal safety, security or loss of or damage to facilities or property) should be phoned into the resource center office 2151 during normal business hours.  If an urgent request occurs during off hours, contact the on duty RC or Public Safety at x2555. Public Safety will notify the 24-hour, on-call mechanic, if necessary.

Please do not ask the maintenance staff to make repairs; you must use the work request system unless it is an emergency.

The following types of calls are dispatched immediately (by radio):
The average response time for work requests are as follows:

  • Heating-related calls (The mechanic receiving the dispatch will determine the appropriate response time.)
  • Alarms
  • Major leaks
  • Lock-outs
  • Ice/Snow Removal 
  • Emergency ( Working hours - 15 minutes/ Off hours and weekends –60 minute )
  • Urgent (working hours 1 hour/ off hours and weekends – 2hr)
  • Routine (average response 2 days we strive for 24 hours from receipt)

Responding to work requests within a student’s room. When requesting work, you will need to state whether or not Facilities Services personnel may enter the room without the occupant present. If the occupant wishes to be present, the work will be scheduled as soon as practicable. We use a bright green tag to let you know when we were in your room to fix a problem or if parts are needed.