John Ullrich

Departments and Positions:
Chemistry, Department Chair, Assistant Professor, Pre-Health Advisor
William Paterson College, Bachelor of Science, 1980
University of Maryland, Doctorate, 1985
Harvard University, Residency, Fellowship, 1987

Dr. John Ullrich received his undergraduate degree from William Paterson University in New Jersey.  While an undergraduate he was involved with natural product isolation on medicinally relevant plants and published his first paper “The Furanocoumarines of Heracleum Persicum L” during his senior year.  He then moved on to the University of Maryland for graduate studies where he worked with Professor Patrick Mariano in the area of Organic Synthesis and methodology development.  His dissertation is focused on the development of an electron transfer-initiated iminium salt photospirocyclization methodology designed to construct the key structural feature of the Harringtonine Alkaloids.  John completed his Ph.D. in 1985 and received an NIH fellowship to Harvard University where he studied with Professor Yoshito Kishi.  His post-doctoral work at Harvard focused on complex synthesis of anthracycline antibiotics using a tandem Diels Alder synthetic sequence.

Leaving Harvard, Dr. Ullrich entered the pharmaceutical industry as a research scientist in the Discovery Medicinal Chemistry group.  Over his industrial career he worked in a variety of areas including, Process Discovery and Research, Natural Product isolation and Product R&D.  Some of his major contributions was his work on Effexor and a design of a key synthetic methods necessary to bring a major drug candidates into clinical trials. Dr. Ullrich has a solid track record of driving research programs towards successful conclusions evidenced by over 25 patents and 21 publications.

Dr. Ullrich’s teaching career started in 1997 when he was recruited to teach Organic Chemistry at Villanova University. During his time as an adjunct faculty member at Villanova, Dr. Ullrich taught General Chemistry I 7 II, Organic Chemistry I & II and created graduate courses in Medicinal Chemistry, Drug Design and Biological Basis for Diseases. 

Dr. Ullrich joined Rosemont College in the fall of 2011.  His teaching responsibilities include Organic Chemistry I & II, Biochemistry I & II, Environmental Science, Environmental Issues and an MACT preparation course. Dr. Ullrich maintains an active research group with a focus on environmental science having an emphasis on Chemistry in Marine Biology.  His team is currently building a marine biology laboratory which will house the Rosemont College Coral Reef.

Dr. Ullrich believes in hands-on learning and embraces the challenge of continually improving his teaching. He received an award from SEPCHE during the spring 2012 semester for Metacognition in the classroom. Dr. Ullrich is the chemistry department chair and serves as the Pre-Health Advisor for all pre-health students.  His research interests lie in environmental science with an emphasis on Chemistry in Marine Biology; Synthetic methodology development with an emphasis on heterocycles, in particular proprietary scaffolds possessing biological activity as well as incorporating the concept of “Green University” into his research laboratory and classroom.

His passion outside of teaching includes cooking and the study of Marine Biology.  He serves as executive science consultant for Mars-Fishcare, a leader in the design and development of products for the aquarium hobby. He was directly responsible for bringing the product MelaFix to market.

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