Aikaterini Skokotas

Departments and Positions:
Biology, Associate Professor
Wistar Institute
Rutgers University, Bachelor of Arts, 1989
Drexel University, Doctorate, 1995

Aikaterini Skokotas, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Biology and has been a faculty member at Rosemont College since the fall of 1997. She has been the Biology Department Chair since 2002 and has served on numerous faculty committees, such as the Curriculum Committee, Faculty Council, Assessment Committee and Professional Development Committee. Her area of expertise is Cell and Molecular Genetics and she teaches the following courses: Life Science I lecture and laboratory, Genetics lecture and laboratory, Microbiology lecture and laboratory, Molecular Genetics lecture and laboratory, Immunology, Virology, Senior Seminar and Undergraduate Research. She also teaches a graduate level course, Medical Microbiology at Arcadia University for the Physician Assistant Program. Dr. Skokotas received the Lindback Award for Distinguished teaching in 2008 and was awarded tenure in 2011.

Her research interests include the study of regulation of meiosis in the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. This work is being conducted in collaboration with Dr. Edward Winter at Thomas Jefferson University. As a result of this work, numerous students have conducted research in her lab and have presented their work at various local and national meetings. Two of these presentations have received awards. It has also led to two recent publications in the journal of Molecular Cell Biology and the Proceedings of the Annual Conference for Biology Laboratory Education.

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