Jeannette Dumas

Departments and Positions:
Faculty, Assistant Professor of Biology
Stony Brook University, Bachelor of Science, 1983
Northeastern University, M.S., 1990
Drexel University, 1996

Jeannette Dumas, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Biology, and has been a full time faculty member since 2012.  Her area of expertise is Ecology, Environmental Science, and Sustainability.  She teaches the following courses: Science for Life, Science Issues, Life Science Lecture and Laboratory, Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology, and Undergraduate Research.  She is an active participant in the Building Faculty Capacity for 21st Century Teaching: A SEPCHE/Teagle Foundation Initiative.  As an advocate for K – 12 STEM Education as well, she helps schools establish extra-curricular science programs and enjoys tutoring high school students in Biology.  

Her current research is in aquatic ecology.  Her students are conducting field studies of the stream on campus, a tributary of Mill Creek.  They are assessing the health of the stream by sampling the water for certain pollutants, quantifying the abundance and diversity of macroinvertebrates, and rehabilitating the stream banks to decrease erosion and run-off.  Her group is collaborating with a local conservation organization, the Lower Merion Conservancy, which has been studying the health of Mill Creek for many years.