Few colleges can tout the fact that their campuses include a building that's listed on the National Register for Historical Buildings. Yet at Rosemont, that's a fact that many find fascinating. However, older buildings like those on Rosemont's campus require renovations.

Notably, the following recent renovations have been completed since 2010 using funds raised through The Campaign for Rosemont College:

  • Information Commons at the Kistler Memorial Library – Interior renovations of the research and reference wing of the library created a modernized student information and technology space, which is also used for lectures and College events. ($800,000; 2010)
  • Gracemere Honors House - Purchase and renovation of a 7,000 square foot residence bordering the College campus for the purpose of housing 18-22 selected Honors students in a Living Learning Community.  ($740,000; 2012)
  • Ravens Athletic Complex – The complex features a new multi-purpose artificial turf field and a new natural surface softball field. ($2,300,000; 2013)
  • Cardinal Hall – Phase I of the renovation converted the existing dining hall into a modernized food court style dining facility with an adjacent café. Phase II of the renovation will completely transform the building into a Community Center. ($3,000,000; 2013)
  • Rotwitt Theater of McShain Performing Arts Center – The theater renovation included repairing structural components, replacing obsolete systems, updating the seating configuration and stage layout, and aesthetic improvements. ($1,150,000; 2014)