ACT 101

ACT 101 Director: Troy Chiddick

Mr. Chiddick is currently the director of Student Academic Support at Rosemont College. His previous position was Assistant Dean of Students at Katharine Gibbs School, where he focused on all aspects of student activities including retention.

ACT 101 Academic Counselor: Aubrey Frazier

Aubrey Frazier has worked at Rosemont College in Academic Support since 2008. She has two years of experience in advising and academic coaching. She has her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology.

ACT 101 Administrative Assistant: Masai Shakong

Masai Shakong has had administrative experience working for US Airways and Franklin Templeton. Ms. Shakong is currently working on her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

ACT 101 Computer Instructor: Stacey Marshall

Stacey Marshall is the Web Manager for Rosemont College and he teaches computer courses here at Rosemont College. He also taught computer courses at Katharine Gibbs.

ACT 101 Professional Tutor: Marleen Hustead

Marleen Hustead is a professional writer and adjunct professor at Philadelphia University. Ms. Hustead is also able to assist ESL students, as she is bilingual.

ACT 101 Professional Tutor: Travis Marshall

Travis Marshall has is Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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