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RoCo Pathways

Welcome to RoCo Pathways – a weekly newsletter that will guide you on your path to a successful first year at Rosemont.

RoCo Pathways includes information for everything such as what to bring to campus and what forms you need to fill out, to the history of Rosemont’s foundress, Cornelia Connelly. These newsletters will guide you through the process from the moment you deposit and become a Raven, all the way to Move-In Day.

Pathways cover

RoCo Pathways Issue 4 - June 14, 2017

Is moving in scaring you? Can you eat ice cream for every meal? What should you pack? What shouldn't you bring? Find out all of this in this issue of RoCo Pathways.

tags: academics, admissions, athletics, studentlife

Roco Pathways 3

RoCo Pathways Issue 3 - June 06, 2017

Get those gears turning. You are getting closer each day to campus life. This issue of Pathways you will learn how to pay for your tuition, register for classes, and get some helpful tips!

tags: academics, admissions, athletics, studentlife

RocoPathways 2

RoCo Pathways Issue 2 - June 06, 2017

What is FERPA? What are some things you should know about housing at Rosemont College? Who are you supposed to contact? What are someways the Office of Post-Graduate Success can help? This issue of Pathways will guide you in the right direction.

tags: academics, admissions, athletics, studentlife

RoCo Pathways Cover

RoCoPathways-Issue 1 - June 06, 2017

Read President Hirsh's welcome letter to the incoming students! See what C.A.R.E.S. Days are important on your journey through Rosemont College. Learn about the Parent Plus Loans and see how it plays into your role as a student!

tags: academics, admissions, athletics, studentlife